Surge Protectors 220-240 Volt, Surge Protector EWSS505-US

  • 110-250V Surge Protector for up to 15 amps loads
  • Universal EWSS505 Surge protector
  • Perfect for use in any country in the World, Good for World-Wide Use! 
  • 3750 joules

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Special Price Available for U.S Goverment And Agencies

  • 5 grounded outlets that will accept any plug from the USA, Europe, UK, Asia, Africa, SA, etc...
  • Must have for sensitive equipment especially in countries that have voltage fluctuation problems, Detachable power cord for various foreign countries that has a right plug at the end
  • Please specify the country of destination, so that we can supply an appropriate power cord with a proper plug at the end
  • 110% overload surge protection
  • Auto shut-off in case of power surge
  • “CE” Approved