Frequently Asked Questions

No you cannot connect an American 220 Volt Dryer to a Transformer. Voltage Transformers are made to convert single phase 110 or 220 volt. American 220 volt consists of 2 phase of 110 volt and European 220 volt consists of 1 phase of 220 volt.

Yes as long as you don’t exceed the Wattage capacity of the voltage converter. A “surge protector” is required. You can find them on this web-site as well.Example: If you want to operate 2 appliances on one transformer. One of them consumes 300 watts and the other 130 watts then you would need a Frigidaire (500 watts capacity) or higher.

On the back of your appliance, you should be able to find a label describing the specification of it. You should see a label describing the Wattage (W) or the Amperage (A) of the appliance.Example: If your appliance consumes 80 watts then you need a Frigidaire transformer (100 watts capacity) or higher.

These two standards are an exception to the rule. PAL-M and PAL-N (both found in the South America) are both broadcast standards and video tape standards. If you’re receiving a PAL-M broadcast and record it onto a video tape, it will be recorded onto the video tape as PAL-M.