Step Up and Step Down Transformers 220-240 Volt, Seven Star TC100

  • Input: 110V -&> Output: 220V
  • Input: 220V -&> Output: 110V
  • Heavy-Duty Voltage Converter / Transformer can be used anywhere in the world
  • 100 Watt Maximum Capacity 

Model Name
Regular Price

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Special Price Available for U.S Goverment And Agencies

Weight and Dimension

Unit Dimension:

4”H x 5”W x 6”D

Unit Weight:

3.5 Lb.

Shipping Weight:

4.5 Lb.


  • Dual Step Up or Step Down functionality, 
  • Switch the transformer to 110V for use in USA to output 220V
  • Switch the transformer to 220V for use in overseas to output 110V
  • Very High Capacity Shock-Proof Socket, 
  • LED Indicator for Power Source, 
  • Connectors: European Plug on the cord & US Plug adapter included, 
  • 2 sockets in the front - accepts North American 3-Prong Plug and 2 prong European Plug, 
  • Heavy duty for continuous use, 
  • Durable industrial type cord, 
  • Ventilated design for continuous use, 
  • Fuse protected - Fuse will cut off the current if the transformer is overloaded to protect the transformer and your appliance, 
  • Built in Fuse protection. 
  • Red Light indication power source