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Multi system DVD Players, Region-Free DVD VCR Combo, Multi region, Multi voltage DVD players, Zone free portable DVD Players, Code free DVD players with built in video converter, All DVD players.

Multi system DVD Players, Region-Free DVD VCR Combo, Multi region, Multi voltage DVD players, Zone free portable DVD Players, Code free DVD players with built in video converter, All DVD players.



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We carry all region free DVD Players for overseas use and can operate in dual voltage 110V 220V and 50Hz 60Hz. These Zone Free DVD Players can play all 6 region DVD's and can be operated in USA, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

These multi standard DVD players can play DVD discs from any region no matter PAL, SECAM or NTSC from Europe, Asia or anywhere on NTSC standard American TV. The All region DVD players have different power watts W like 200watts 300W capacity. There are also 5 disc changer, 7 disc changer progressive scan DVD Players. We also have 5”, 7” and 9 inch wide screen Portable multi region DVD players. The common features of region free DVD players are DVD Audio CD VCD CD-R CD-RW SVCD JPG MP3 MPEG DVD DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW playback. We also have compact slim zone free DVD players in black and silver color.

All our multi format DVD players can play any DVD on any TV. We have large selection of DVD Players and combination of DVD-VCR combo with built in 110v 220v volt dual voltage Digital for worldwide use. There is no need for expensive video standards converter or multisystem televisions. We also have multisystem DVD recorder.

These region-free DVD players do not require special multisystem TV or additional Video Format Converter. The zone free DVD players play all region DVD’s on American or European PAL or NTSC TVs.

Multi Region, Multi-Voltage DVD Players Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Toshiba multi-region, all region DVD players built-in dual voltage 110volt 220 volt 50Hz 60Hz and PAL NTSC multi-system for worldwide use.

We have all kinds of travel electronics and audio visual equipments in 100v, 100 volt, 200V, 200 volt, 220v, 220 volt, 230v, 230 volt, 120v 120 volt, 110v, 110 volt, 240v and 240 volt for use in foreign countries

Region 1, Code 1, Zone 1 - USA & Canada
Region 2, Code 2, Zone 2 - Europe, Japan, The Middle East, North Africa Egypt, South Africa
Region 3, Code 3, Zone 3, - Taiwan, The Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong.
Region 4, Code 4, Zone 4 - Mexico, South America, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Caribbean.
Region 5, Code 5, Zone 5 - Russia, Eastern Europe, India, North Korea, East & West Africa.
Region 6, Code 6, Zone 6 - China

Region-free Multisystem DVD/VCR Combination

Region-free Multisystem DVD+VCR combo players will allow viewers to record and playback video of various formats PAL, NTSC, video tape or DVD's.

We carry the following Models.

Hitachi DVP515A, Panasonic DVDS35, Panasonic DVDXV10, Panasonic DVDRV32, Pioneer DV355, Sony DVPNC615, Sony DVPK370, Sony DVPNS305, Samsung DVDV85K, Sharp DVNC80
Pioneer Elite DV-F07, Pioneer DV-F727, Pioneer Elite DV-47, Pioneer Elite DV-45A, Pioneer DV-C36, Pioneer DV-C505, Pioneer DV-563A, Pioneer DV-363K, Pioneer HTD-330DV, Pioneer HTD-530DV, Pioneer HTD-630DV, Pioneer HTZ-830DV, Pioneer HTS-910DV, JVC XV-NA70BK, JVC XV-NA77SL, JVC XV-NP1SL, JVC RX-DV5SL, JVC XV-N410B, JVC XV-N40BK, JVC XV-N44SL, JVC XV-FA95GD, JVC XV-FA902SL, JVC XV-SA602SL, JVC XV-N55SL, JVC XV-N50BK, JVC RX-DV31SL, JVC RX-DV3SL, JVC DS-TP582,
Sony DVP-NC665PS, Sony DVP-NC665PB, Sony DVP-CX875, Sony DVP-NS725, Sony DVP-NS530, Sony DAV-S500, Sony DVP-NS715, Sony DVP-NS700, Sony DVP-NS300, Sony DAV-C450, Sampo DVE-612N.

Panasonic DVD-S55, Panasonic DVD-S25, Panasonic DVD-F85, Panasonic DVD-F65, Panasonic DVD-LA95, Panasonic SC-ST1, Panasonic SC-DP1, Panasonic SC-HT900, Panasonic SC-HT700, Panasonic SC-HT650, Panasonic DVD-LS5, Panasonic DVD-LV70, Panasonic DVD-LV65, Panasonic DVD-LV50, Panasonic DVD-XP30, Panasonic DVD-RP82, Panasonic DVD-RP62, Panasonic DVD-RV32, Panasonic DVD-A320, Panasonic DVD-LV57,
Panasonic DVD-LV60, CyberHome CH-DVR, Toshiba SD-4900

Toshiba SD-3815, Toshiba SD-2900, Toshiba SD-3805, Toshiba SD-2815, Toshiba SD-2805, Toshiba SD-2800, Toshiba SD-2715, Toshiba SD-2150, Toshiba SD-200X, Toshiba SD-100X, Coby DVD-507, RJ Tech RJ3700, RJ Tech RJ1200, Mecotek MK-X4000, Daewoo DVD-P458, Daewoo DVD-P485

Pioneer Elite DVR-7000, Pioneer DV-AX10, Pioneer DV-38A, Pioneer Elite DV-37, Pioneer DV-343, Toshiba SD-6200, Toshiba SD-1600,
Panasonic DMR-E10, Panasonic DVD-L75

Daewoo DVD-P480, Philips DVD-727, JVC XV-M5GSL, JVC XV-SA602, JVC XV-NP1SL, Akai PDVD170, Panasonic DVD-S35, Pioneer DV-366K, Pioneer DV-655A, Pioneer DVR-310S, Sharp DV-NC80W, Panasonic DVD-XV10, Akai PDVD-170, Panasonic DMRE60, Samsung DVD-P728, Sony DVP-K370, Samsung V90K, Toshiba SD-33VL, Panasonic SCVK70, Panasonic DMR-E100, Panasonic DVD-LS5, Panasonic DVD-LX9, Toshiba SD-2550, Sony DVP-NC615, Sony DAVS550, Akai DVPS-760, Sony DAV-S880, Sony MHC-RV600D, Panasonic SC-VK30, Panasonic SC-VK50, Panasonic SCVK80, Panasonic SCVK90, Panasonic RP62, Daewoo DVG3000N, Panasonic RV32S, Pioneer DV-F727, Pioneer Elite DVC-36, Pioneer Elite DV-F07, Pioneer DVC-603, Pioneer DVC503, Sony DVP-NS725P, Daewoo DVG9000N, Daewoo DVD5800
Pioneer HTZ-430DV, Pioneer HTD-530DV, JVC DS-TP582, Pioneer HTZ-77, Sony DAVC-450, Pioneer HTS-820DV, Sony MHC-RV600D, Panasonic SC-VK70, Sony DAVS-880, Panasonic SC-HT900, Sony DAV-S550, Panasonic SC-VK50, Panasonic SC-VK-30, Panasonic SC-VK80, Panasonic SC-VK90,Panasonic DVD-LS5, Panasonic DVD-LA95, Panasonic DVD-LX9, Akai PDVD-170, Samsung DVD-L100, Sony DVP-NC665, Toshiba SD-4900, JVC XV-M5, Panasonic DVDF65, Pioneer DV363K, Pioneer DVR-310, Akai PDVD170, Sony DAVS550, Sony DAVS880, Panasonic SC-VK-70, Sony MHC-RV600, Panasonic SCHT900, Samsung DVD-V90K
Panasonic DMRE60, Panasonic DMRE100, Pioneer DVR310,
JVC XVN55 DVD, JVC XVN44, JVC XV-SA602, JVC XV-N50, Panasonic LS-5, Philips DVD727, Panasonic DVD-S35, Panasonic DVD-S35, Toshiba SD-2550, Toshiba SD-2550, JVC XVN40, JVC XV-NA77SL, Pioneer DV-366K, JVC XV-FA95, Panasonic DMR-E60, Panasonic DVD-LA95, Panasonic DVDLX9, Toshiba SD-33, Panasonic XV10, Panasonic DMR-E100, Pioneer DV-655A, JVC DS-TP582, Sony DAVC450, JVC XVFA900, JVC XV-NP1SL, Panasonic RP62, Toshiba SDV290, Pioneer DVC-503, Pioneer DV-F727, Pioneer Elite DV-45A, Pioneer Elite DV-C36, JVC XV-NA70BK, Pioneer HTZ-77DV, Sony DVP-NS725, Samsung DVDP728, Toshiba SD-2805, Sony DVP-K370, Pioneer Elite DVF-07, Daewoo DVDS600, Daewoo DVG-4000S, Akai DVM 9500, CyberHome CH-DVD300

We carry the following brands:

Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony, JVC, Toshiba, Philips Sharp, Aiwa, Daewoo, Samsung, Jwin, COBY, Pioneer, CyberHome.



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